Copenhagen2021 poster

kr. 350.00kr. 549.00

The Copenhagen2021 poster both celebrates and supports the WorldPride. Coming to Copenhagen in August 2021 this great LGBTI+event will color the city with happiness and diversity.
For this Copenhagen2021 poster, Martin Schwartz wanted to emphasize the fact that within each city you can find buildings in all the colours of the rainbow. Thus this poster features an array of Copenhagen buildings in their original color, so when put together they will turn Copenhagen into a rainbow city, with all the values the rainbow flag represents – especially openness, diversity, hospitality, freedom and human rights. This poster is available only for a limited period of time until the fall 2021.

Along with the poster you will find a full description of all buildings.

When buying this poster you are supporting the work of Copenhagen2021 with 15% of the price

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Limited edition. For sale only in 2020 and 2021

Included: Inside sheet with description of all buildings.

A3: Printed on 170 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.

50×70: Printed on 200 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.