kr. 275.00kr. 449.00

Fyn poster by Martin Schwartz

On this poster you will find many of the buildings which are part of Funen’s cultural history. Many people associate Funen mostly with small timbered houses and H.C. Andersen, but the island also has a long maritime heritage with lots of shipyards. From miles away, the enormous cranes of the former shipyard, Lindøværften, can be seen. A strong reminder of an era, when some of the world’s largest cargo ships were launched from the Odense inlet.


A3: Trykt på Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Trykt på 200 gr. multi art silk med vandlak


A3: Printed on Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Printed on 200 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.