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Aarhus boasts a variety of beautiful and iconic buildings within both modern and classical architecture. Just take a look at Arne Jacobsen’s famous Townhall from 1941 or the iconic Custom House which was erected during a clearly national romantic movement within Danish architecture. Just within recent years, Aarhus has added yet some iconic buildings to its cityscape, most noticeable are the Iceberg and the new library, DOKK1. The city is certainly fit to be Capital of Culture 2017.




A3: Trykt på Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70, 70×100: Trykt på 200 gr. multi art silk med vandlak

A3: Printed on Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70, 70×100: Printed on 200 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.