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B2B – welcome

Welcome to Martin Schwartz B2B section. Please click here to place B2B orders.

If you have any problems please don’t hesistate to contact us on: post@martinschwartz.com


When you click on the above ‘click here’ link you will be sent to this url:


This url can only be seen by approved wholesellers and here you will see four pictures with our different product categories. When you order products through these four pictured categories / the above url you’ll be able to purchase our products at wholesale prices.


Login: If you want to reorder and you are doing it from the same computer you’ll – provided you have not logged out – still be logged in and you can simply go to this url:

My Account

This is your personal dashboard where you can see all of your previous orders and easily reorder.  Simply press the ‘Orders’ button at the left hand side and find the order you want to reorder. Once you have clicked your way to the order there will at the bottom of the page be a button saying ‘Order again’ and if you click this button you will be sent to a page from which you easily can adjust the quantities of goods in the shopping basket and then reorder.

If you should experience any difficulties please don’t hesistate to reach out at: post@martinschwartz.com