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New A4 prints

New interpretations of your city in A4 prints come packed flat on a piece of cardboard and wrapped in cellophane. So easy to bring along and store in any backpack.


We are really happy to present our new bookmarks for you. We plan to soon expand this series to more cities. For now we offer both Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Berlin. You can buy them in our shop here.

New series of A6 postcards

For the first time Martin Schwartz has made a series of A6 postcards. There has come a series of A6 postcards of the following places: Denmark, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam and London. There are fewer buildings on the postcards and the aesthetics is a little lighter than the A5 postcards we have had for […]

Amsterdam Added to the MS Collection

This spring Martin Schwartz travelled to Amsterdam where he rented a bike and rode around town to find all the buildings you can now see in his Amsterdam Artwork. The richness of fine details of the buildings in Amsterdam is probably more than in any other city in the world. Now the final result is […]