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Berlin is like the unnoticed girl in the classroom of European capitals. She may not be a classical beauty such as Paris or Rome, but once you get to know Berlin, you will discover this city’s many unique qualities. Here you will find a mixture of new and old, ugly and beautiful. Like no other city, Berlin knows how to transform the rawness of concrete into something hip. The many aspects of this city is what gives it its charming and colorful soul. The many concrete buildings from the post war (plattenbau) are erected next to beautiful new classical apartment buildings and will remind you, that only 70 years ago this city was nothing but a pile of ruins.


A3: Trykt på Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Trykt på 200 gr. multi art silk med vandlak

A3: Printed on Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Printed on 200 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.