New York

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New York, New York. The city we all know, even if we haven’t been there. No other city has set the scene for so many movies as New York. More cosmopolitan, more wild, more fascinating and more magnificent a city is hard to find. On this poster you will find everything from the most iconic skyscrapers such as Empire State building, the Chrysler Building to the characteristic brownstones in Harlem, where the locals hang out on the frontal stairs. Go discover and see if you can also spot the Apollo Theater or the defunct Domino Sugar Factory.

The New York poster is also featured in NBCs television show ‘Ordinary Joe’.  Placed on a prominent wall in Ordinary Joe’s New York City apartment you cannot miss it. Since the first episode of Ordinary Joe, we have had many customers asking us if indeed our New York City poster also was the Ordinary Joe poster. We are happy and proud to be able to say that it is and that you can get it too. Please remember: Our posters are for ordinary everyones and not just for Ordinary Joe.


A3: Trykt på Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Trykt på 200 gr. multi art silk med vandlak

70×100: Trykt på 200 gr. mulit art silk med vandlak

A3: Printed on Scandia Ivory 170 gr.

50×70: Printed on 200 gr. muliti art silk with a protecting lacquer.

70×100: Printed on 200 gr. multi art silk with a protecting lacquer.