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  • Copenhagen poster by Martin Schwartz Københavnplakat, copenhagen poster, copenhagen print


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    This poster depicts Copenhagen like a conglomerate of the many different buildings that are all part of this city's DNA. This city's skyline is best characterized by the numerous church steeples, which are standing out from the many red rooftops. On street level you are met by an array of historical buildings. The poster pays tribute not only to the city's most iconic buildings such as Rundetårn, Our Savior's Church and the Stock Exchange, but also more local places such as Eiffel bar, Central Hotel and the famous graffiti slogan 'Hva drikker Mølr' which was written on an deserted silo in the northern harbor district.  
  • Copenhagen2021 poster by Martin Schwartz Copenhagen2021 poster by Martin Schwartz


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    The Copenhagen2021 poster both celebrates and supports the WorldPride. Coming to Copenhagen in August 2021 this great LGBTI+event will color the city with happiness and diversity. For this Copenhagen2021 poster, Martin Schwartz wanted to emphasize the fact that within each city you can find buildings in all the colours of the rainbow. Thus this poster features an array of Copenhagen buildings in their original color, so when put together they will turn Copenhagen into a rainbow city, with all the values the rainbow flag represents – especially openness, diversity, hospitality, freedom and human rights. This poster is available only for a limited period of time until the fall 2021. Along with the poster you will find a full description of all buildings. When buying this poster you are supporting the work of Copenhagen2021 with 15% of the price #YouAreIncluded #Copenhagen2021  
  • Danmarkplakat, Denmark poster, Denmark print


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    What is the essence of Denmark? In this poster you will find everything from medieval monasteries, Hamlet's castel and magnificent cathedrals to modern Danish architecture by world famous architect Henning Larsen. But these are only a fraction of all the buildings that are represented in this poster, as you will also find a common hot dog stand as well as a modern bridge. Go discover and you will find all the characteristic buildings that are all very Danish in their own way.
  • Aarhusplakat, aarhus poster, aarhus print


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    Aarhus boasts a variety of beautiful and iconic buildings within both modern and classical architecture. Just take a look at Arne Jacobsen's famous Townhall from 1941 or the iconic Custom House which was erected during a clearly national romantic movement within Danish architecture. Just within recent years, Aarhus has added yet some iconic buildings to its cityscape, most noticeable are the Iceberg and the new library, DOKK1. The city is certainly fit to be Capital of Culture 2017.    
  • Aarhusplakat af Martin Schwartz


    DKK 275.00

    Aarhus poster by Martin Schwartz

    This Aarhus poster by Martin Schwartz is somewhat different from his other city posters. The style is both modern and retro and gives you another view of the city
  • Odense poster by Martin Schwartz Odenseplakat, Odense poster, Odense print


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    This Odense poster by Martin Schwartz features some of the city's most characteristic buildings. For most tourists Odense is synonymous with Hans Christian Andersen and his yellow childhood home, but for locals Odense is synonymous with their own home town. They all know the city's hidden gems and beautiful spots, and even if Odense is not home to any world famous architectural wonders the city still boasts a long list of notable buildings. Odense dates back more than 1000 years, thus making it one of the oldest cities in Denmark.
  • paris poster by Martin Schwartz


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    Once you have inhaled the atmosphere of Paris, you are bound to be addicted to this city. The density of majestic monuments in the French capital is exceeded by no other city in the world. The architectural homogeneity of Paris is the perfection of urban beauty, and for the same reason, the city has been a research lab for pioneering architects for centuries. Yet Paris is home to an exuberant diversity that calls for a mandatory visit to each neighborhood. The steep and narrow alleys at Mont Martre are just as iconic for Paris as its long and famous boulevards or the many cafés. Depicting more than sixty characteristics of Paris, this artwork collects the authentic soul of Paris in just one print, counting everything from the small bookshop booths along the Seine to the overall epitomic Eiffel Tower. Even the typeface has been specially designed for this poster, thus emphasizing the art deco movement, on which Paris has had such a big impact.  
  • New York poster by Martin Schwartz New York poster, New York plakat, New York print

    New York

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    New York, New York. The city we all know, even if we haven't been there. No other city has set the scene for so many movies as New York. More cosmopolitical, more wild, more fascinating and more magnificent a city is hard to find. On this poster you will find everything from the most iconic skyscrapers such as Empire State building, the Chrysler Building to the characteristic brownstones in Harlem, where the locals hang out on the frontal stairs. Go discover and see if you can also spot the Apollo Theater or the defunct Domino Sugar Factory.
  • Barcelona poster by Martin Schwartz Barcelona poster, Barcelona plakat, Barcelona print


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    Barcelona Poster Barcelona is home to some of the most graceful art nouveau buildings in Europe. Among the most famous ones are Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, and Parc Güell, all designed by the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudí. The atmosphere of Barcelona is highly dictated by the immense color scheme of the buildings, which boast an overwhelming richness in details, patterns, and colors. Take a stroll through the small narrow alleys in the Gothic Quarter, and you will see how the sun rays and shades are sharing the limited space between the buildings. In this poster will find many of Barcelona's most iconic buildings, old ones as well as new ones. Whether catholicism or football is the most dominant religion of the city is hard to say, but both Camp Nou and the gothic Cathedral are depicted side by side with more than 50 other unique Barcelona buildings.
  • London poster by Martin Schwartz London poster, London plakat, London print


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    The London poster by Martin Schwartz gives you the vibes of the English capital. Take a walk in the streets of London and you cannot help but to feel mesmerized by this city's magnificent atmosphere. Imposing buildings from the colonial period rub their shoulders with glistening skyscrapers and remind you, that the greatness of this city always has been based on trade. A branched network of subway lines, forever busy streets, and the river Thames' squirming route through the city all seem like blood veins in a giant urban organism, that never sleeps. Maybe this is what the peculiar Orbit Tower is trying to symbolize, as its red and twisted constructions of steel flaunt towards the sky near the Olympic stadion from 2012. This poster depicts the essence of London, giving you everything from Victorian and Georgian architecture to the modern icons which all make up the profile of this city.  
  • stockholm poster, stockholm plakat, stockholm affisch, stockholm print


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    This Stockholm poster gives you the most authentic experience of the Swedish capital that can be printed on paper.  The unique nuances of red and yellow that are so explicit and typical for Stockholm are carefully implemented to give the true touch of this city's atmosphere. Stockholm is widely known for its beautiful location and comprehensive amount of historical buildings, most notable in the district of Gamla Stan. The density of imposing buildings is probably the highest in Scandinavia and adds to the feeling of  being in a real metropole.  This poster embraces not only many of Stockholm's most iconic buildings but also numerous hidden gems in the city.  
  • Berlin poster by Martin Schwartz Berlinposter, Berlinplakater, Berlin print


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    Berlin is like the unnoticed girl in the classroom of European capitals. She may not be a classical beauty such as Paris or Rome, but once you get to know Berlin, you will discover this city's many unique qualities. Here you will find a mixture of new and old, ugly and beautiful. Like no other city, Berlin knows how to transform the rawness of concrete into something hip. The many aspects of this city is what gives it its charming and colorful soul. The many concrete buildings from the post war (plattenbau) are erected next to beautiful new classical apartment buildings and will remind you, that only 70 years ago this city was nothing but a pile of ruins.
  • Bornholm plakat af Martin Schwartz


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    This poster gives you the very special atmosphere of Bornholm in just one print. The island's distinctive charm attracts more than 600.000 visitors every year and they can't help to get familiar with the many iconic landmarks that are scattered all over the island. The small idyllic coast towns, the herring smokehouses as well as the characteristic round churches all add to the very unique identity of Bornholm.  
  • Skagen poster by Martin Schwartz skagen plakat, skagen poster, skagen print


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    What other city has given name to a color? Skagen yellow is a well known reference in Denmark when talking about that speciel yellow tone, which is to be found on many houses in Skagen. This small town on Denmark's northernmost point has attracted artists for centuries, and today it is home to the famous Skagen Museum, which holds a fine collection of worlds famous artists such as Anna and Michael Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. On this poster you will find many of Skagen's most iconic houses, as well as the sand dunes that surround this special town.
  • Jylland plakat af Martin Schwartz Jyllandplakat, jutland poster


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    Jylland poster by Martin Schwartz

    The scent of heather on a hot summer's day or the wind in your hair from the west coast is something very unique for Jylland. On this poster you will find many of Jylland's most iconic and beloved landmarks.Go discover and you will find everything from Svinkløv Badehotel to the small and iconic town hall in Ebeltoft.
  • Fyn plakat, Funen poster


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    Fyn poster by Martin Schwartz

    On this poster you will find many of the buildings which are part of Funen's cultural history. Many people associate Funen mostly with small timbered houses and H.C. Andersen, but the island also has a long maritime heritage with lots of shipyards. From miles away, the enormous cranes of the former shipyard, Lindøværften, can be seen. A strong reminder of an era, when some of the world's largest cargo ships were launched from the Odense inlet.
  • København Zoo blue

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    When the Copenhagen zoo opened their new panda facility in 2018, Martin Schwartz was asked to design a panda poster. The Copenhagen zoo has a long tradition for animal posters and Martin Schwartz wanted to pay tribute to this tradition by creating the poster in a graphic vintage style.
  • København Zoo pink

    DKK 250.00DKK 399.00
    When the Copenhagen zoo opened their new panda facility in 2018, Martin Schwartz was asked to design a panda poster. The Copenhagen zoo has a long tradition for animal posters and Martin Schwartz wanted to pay tribute to this tradition by creating the poster in a graphic vintage style.
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